Google launches Bard, its own conversational artificial intelligence to rival ChatGPT and Microsoft

Bard will function as an artificial intelligence for Google ‘s search engine , similar to what Microsoft plans to do with ChatGPT .


Technology war. Google has revealed that it will launch its own  chatbot-style artificial intelligence service that will go by the name of Bard .

This initiative is not free: it is a response to the union between Microsoft and ChatGPT, the most popular AI at the moment.

generative artificial intelligence

Since the rise of fame of the creation of OpenAI , Google has been involved in a crusade to work on artificial intelligence on par with ChatGPT .

For the company, this type of intelligence can be seen as competition directly to tools like its own Internet browser.

So Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet, will be pushing Bard to work alongside his search engine to synthesize material for complex queries.

It’s unclear how Google intends to differentiate Bard from OpenAI ‘s ChatGPT. Pichai said that the new service is based on information from the Internet; ChatGPT knowledge is up to date as of 2021.

In a quiz, Bard invites users to challenge him and explains about the discoveries a space telescope can make.

This service will be in beta for selected users and is expected to be released to the public in the coming weeks.

Microsoft looking for the same

Microsoft invested “billions of dollars” in OpenAI to be able to assimilate ChatGPT into its Bing browser , which is far behind Google Chrome, but has seen an opportunity in this artificial intelligence to gain ground.

The company itself will publish more details about its alliance, in what will be the beginning of a duel in this increasingly strong industry. And, beware, Meta has also put its hands in this field.