Google lists YouTube Vanced as “harmful” after announcement of its closure

YouTube forced the closure of the app because it allowed the playback of its videos in the background andblocked ads.


Google Play Protect has classified Vanced Manager as “harmful” urging users to uninstall it from their device after learning that it will be discontinued soon.

As reported by 9to5Google , which collects the experience of Reddit users, in the last few hours Android phones with the Vanced app installed have begun to receive a notification from Google Play Protect indicating that the application is “harmful” and ” puts your device at risk.”

Vanced Manager , the app that Google Play Protect considers as “harmful”, is the launcher of YouTube Vanced , the application that allows you to circumvent some limitations of YouTube ‘s free mode , such as its ads.

For its part, Google Play Protect is installed as standard on the vast majority of Android devices to warn users about possible malicious apps, a group that now includes Vanced .

Goodbye to Vanced

From its official Twitter account, the developers of Vanced announced on March 13 that the app would stop receiving updates and that the possibility of downloading it would disappear from its website in the following days.

In case of having the app already installed on a device, from Vanced they recognized that these versions will be maintained for a certain time until they become obsolete in a maximum period of two years.

Vanced ‘s discontinuation was associated precisely with certain “legal problems” with Google , which owns YouTube . According to The Verge, the company could see it as a threat since users were able to enjoy some of the advantages of YouTube Premium , its paid service, without spending any money. ( EuropaPress )