Google Maps will choose more efficient routes depending on the type of car engine

Google Maps will allow you to choose between a gasoline, diesel, electric or hybrid engine.


The Google Maps app will choose the most energy efficient route for the driver’s vehicle based on whether they own a gasoline, diesel, electric or hybrid car.

The Mountain View company announced in October 2021 that Google Maps would start showing drivers the least polluting route by default, as long as their estimated arrival time is not too far from the fastest route.

Now, the technology company is studying expanding this initiative by including a new function that chooses the most energy-efficient route based on the user’s type of vehicle, according to the specialized media 9to5Google .

Beta feature for Google Maps

This portal has had access to the latest Google Maps beta update , version 11.39. In it, he has discovered some lines of code that indicate that the user of the ‘app’ will be able to specify the type of engine that propels his vehicle.

Google Maps will let you choose between different options: gas, diesel, electric and hybrid . Based on the user’s choice, it will offer the route that allows him to “save the most energy or fuel”.