Google Meet releases audio and video updates to give the host more control

Google Meet is adding new audio and video locks to allow hosts more control over the ongoing video call.

Google Meet is adding new locks that will allow the host to turn off other participants’ microphones and cameras. This new feature will block a user and prevent them from being activated until you unblock it.

Starting in 2021, the tech giant added more power to the host with a feature to mute everyone during a video call. 

The company announced on October 21 that this new blocking feature would be arriving via a blog post

More options for the host

For example, a host can use this new Google Meet option when background noise disturbs other participants, and it also allows them to apply different levels of engagement.

Once a host enables an audio or video lock in the meeting, it also extends to breakout rooms. However, any blocking applied in a group room will not affect the main room.

These new audio and video blocking features are coming to all Google Workspace , G Suite Basic, and Business customers .