Google mistakenly transferred a billion dollars giving rewards in Google Pay

If users have already spent the money, Google won’t try to get it back.

Google has assumed an error in the Google Pay payment platformfor making payments as rewards to some users, valued between 10 and 1,000 dollars as reported by them through Reddit .

Google has made cash transfers to certain users for allegedly having “internally tested the ‘software’ in beta before its official launch.”

One of the beneficiaries of this ruling has been analyst Mishaal Rahman, who has communicated via Twitter that he has received compensation of $13.25 “for testing the Google Pay remittance experience .”

Rahman has been able to verify this payment from the ‘Offers’ section of Google Pay . In addition, he has shared the experience of another user who has claimed to have received around $100 in different transfers.

For its part, Google has contacted all those affected, to whom it has sent an email acknowledging that it was a problem that “was resolved and, where possible, the credit was reversed,” according to a capture of this message shared by the analyst.

The company has commented that if the money issued in error has already been recovered, this will be reflected in the activity of these users’ accounts in Google Pay .

On the contrary, in case of not having been able to recover the credit -because the users have already spent it in other transactions, for example- it will assume the expenses. “The money is yours. No other action is necessary,” he stressed in this statement.