Google mocks Apple again from an iPhone

The Google Pixel Twitter account had to delete his message, but it had already gone viral on the internet.


Google has returned to the news on social networks after its mobile division, Google Pixel, mocked Apple from an iPhone .

The message, shared on Twitter, was quickly removed, but not quickly enough to go unrecorded on the internet.

Pixel mocking from an iPhone

The Google Pixel message went against a short video posted by Apple CEO Tim Cook.

In the images, Cook used the phrase ‘Take Note’, which is also used by the NBA team Utah Jazz.

Google took advantage of criticism of Apple , writing: “NBA fans… #TeamPixel is here to bring you closer to your favorite team. Tell us about yours and maybe we can make your NBA Tip-Off even better.”

What the team did not realize is that the message was “Written from an iPhone”.

After deleting the message, it was re-uploaded now with a “Written from Twitter for Web”.

A repeated behavior

While tweeting from an iPhone isn’t a problem, it does make Google Pixel owners wonder why their official account uses an iPhone instead of… a Google Pixel phone .

This is far from the first time a phone company has tried to mock Apple by tweeting from an iPhone . Samsung is usually the one that collects the most cases of “Twitter for iPhone ” or with its brand ambassadors promoting a Galaxy S phone while tweeting from an iPhone .