Google modifies search results to offer reliable sources

Google is modifying search and news results to offer reliable information from verified sources.


Google  is adding a few updates to Search  and News results to reduce the spread of misinformation .

Since last year, the Internet ‘s largest search engine has tagged results with “fast-moving topics,” including breaking news and viral videos.

Also, starting today in the US, labels will include information literacy tips.

Fight against disinformation

Google ‘s idea is to help people analyze whether the information that is rapidly evolving as the topic develops is legitimate.

The company will suggest actions like checking the publication date and looking up the author’s name to find out if they are trustworthy. Taking information at face value doesn’t help broaden the picture, and what Google is doing will help users dig a little deeper on various topics.

In Google News , there will be a new tag in Top Stories to indicate whether sources have been widely cited by other news outlets. The tools will initially be available on mobile devices in the United States . Google plans to roll it out globally in the coming weeks.