Google officially adds dark mode to desktop search

To keep things going dark, Google is finally adding the night mode to look at Desktop Devices. At present, in all social networks and smartphones, it can now be added for users of the computer site.

Second to the Google support page, go to Settings> Search Settings> Appearance to see the alteration. Assim as it occurs with other networks as night mode, the voice will monitor the device’s clear, dark, or standard.

It is, or dark mode is not available for you, or Google says that it will be available for all users “in the next few weeks,” as it usually happens with this type of update.

Google dark mode

According to the 9to5Google website 9to5Googleit appears to be an option to toggle between the dark mode or delete the logo without a search menu in the last configuration option. Therefore, I do not advertise, or Google does not confirm. An opportunity to toggle or dark mode for or clear appears logo no search menu in the last configuration option. I do not therefore advertise, or Google does not confirm.

Before deixar or Google closed the desktop, it was necessary to create or use extensions, which allowed to change the browser. Agora, this is the first time that the company has made our computers official.

Despite using the desktop only now, or application, both for iOS and Android, it has still been able to shield mode for a long time. By default, depending on the specific device no, it is possible to change the app settings.