Google plans to cancel the Pixel Fold, according to reports

Having introduced the new Pixel 6 and 6 Pro series , a foldable screen phone from Google was expected .

After Samsung’s success with folding phones , a new wave of flexible screen devices was expected in the international market, and Google was going to be one of the protagonists in this new format. After a series of rumors about the probable Pixel Fold with an OLED screen built by Samsung, new rumors suggest that this device will not be produced.

According to reports from DSCC , the long-awaited Google phone with a flexible panel and the new Tensor chip will not arrive in 2021 and, surely, not in the middle of 2022. The reason stated in the note is that “the team would not be as competitive as it should be ”, picks up the source.

On specific issues, Google’s bet would not only be a few steps behind the Galaxy Z line, but it would also not measure up to the production models of other Chinese companies such as vivo, Honor, Huawei, Xiaomi and others.

Android 12L does arrive

Much of the hardware included in this Pixel Fold was below the specifications of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold3, the benchmark for the folding market. In fact, Samsung is the supplier of flexible panels for other brands and there would not be a differential to be highlighted by Google.

However, part of Gooigle’s involvement in the foldable field pointed to Android 12L, the new version of the OS boosted for larger screens. This development will be available to users in the first part of 2022.