Google plans to revamp Nearby Drop by incorporating an Airdrop feature

One of the weak points of the Android experience will finally be fixed.


Apple has the most comprehensive and easy-to-use cross-device file sharing tool with Airdrop and Google obviously doesn’t like that .

Nearby Share , the Android alternative , is a little less than two years old since its official launch and has an annoying detail for many users.

You need to confirm EVERY file SEND when using Nearby Share . This is logical in the case of submissions to third parties, but it complicates workflows when a user wants to, for example, edit photos taken with their phone on a tablet .

Google will make Nearby Share more like Airdrop

Apple makes this much easier in Airdrop , allowing much more fluid shipments between own devices and Google is working on something very similar.

Mishaal Rahman shared on Twitter a preview of how Google would revamp Nearby Share , allowing pushes to your own devices that don’t need confirmation.