Google Play Store adds a new app compatibility section

In addition to the broader rollout of the redesigned version of the app store , Google also added a new compatibility section for app listings on Android .


This section called “Support for active devices” is now available at the bottom of the “About this app” section of the list of apps in the Google Play Store on Android devices .

The section is not visible to everyone as it is just being implemented.

The app compatibility section is available on devices running version 30.6.16-21 of the Google Play Store .

Application Compatibility

Users will only be able to see devices that are linked to their Google account and have been active in the last 30 days. Google has explained that the “Compatibility for your active devices” section will show whether an app works on a particular device. 

The section will include important information such as: compatibility, app version, download size, and the required operating system.