Google Play Store prepares a new logo that hardly changes the current one at all

Google ‘s Android  app store  would be preparing a new logo, but its modifications are a bit difficult to distinguish.


A change after a long time is always interesting and companies like Google  know it. For that reason, the technology firm would be testing a new design of the unmistakable logo of its Play Store app store  and would even have already introduced it in some sections without having officially notified it.

The last time the logo of the official Android application store changed was in 2016 and, now that almost 6 years have passed since then, a new look for such a well-known design was pertinent. However, it is clear that the base model continues to work for the company since the new one retains many of its features… Or rather, almost all of them.

The “new” Play Store logo

As reported by 9to5Google , those from Mountain View have begun to include this design in some sections of the Play Store , especially the Google Pay section, the company’s mobile payment that will soon change its name to Google Wallet . Every time a payment is made in the Android app store , a window with the new logo appears.

However, it is precisely here where it becomes difficult to distinguish the differences since, apparently, they are the same. With a lot of effort, one can notice that the color regions present in the icon have varied slightly, its corners have been rounded a little more and the blue area loses a bit of area in favor of the rest of the colors gaining prominence.

Another detail is the shade of blue in the logo since it goes from being a kind of light blue to a darker blue , although until the new design is made official, it is difficult to determine if this is really the case since it could be due to low image resolution .

A new era for the Google Play Store?

At the moment, the new design of the Play Store logo is only shown in the payment part of Google Pay and has not been seen in any other. Therefore, it is a matter of time before the company decides to communicate the change through a new entry on its official blog or with a press release. However, it’s also likely that because of the very minor design change, you might not bother to get noticed with a post .