Google presents its ‘alternative to Coquito’ to learn to read

Google is presenting its Read Along toolto learn to read “with the magic of your voice”.

“Yesterday we had Coquito and today there is Read Along “, says Google to present its new free tool to learn to read.

The company is promoting the use of a free application in Peru so that children can learn to read and become interested in books. To do this, they use Diya, a virtual partner in learning.

Learn to read thanks to the voice

According to Google , Read Along uses speech recognition to detect whether the child is reading correctly. With this, it motivates or corrects it as the case may be.

The North American company assures that the tool can help teachers thanks to the fact that it can create virtual reading groups.

Tutors can monitor each student’s activities and reading speed to improve their skills, as well as identify struggling students and share assignments to help them.

a successful launch

Read Along is not new, but was released 3 years ago and has already been used by 30 million children.

The tool has an app for Android devices, and to make it accessible to more users, it recently launched the public beta on its website.

Once the session is started, the platform presents each child with a collection of stories with different interactive games from Diya. With each answer, they can collect stars and badges that motivate them to keep playing and learning.

Children will be able to read in their native language and, in turn, learn English. As they progress through learning, the app will personalize each child’s experience by recommending stories and games at the right level of difficulty based on their reading level.

Because it is designed for minors, Google points out that it has not introduced any ads or internal purchases, and that it can work without internet.