Google releases the beta of Android 12L, the version for folding phones and large screens

Along with the regular version of Android 12 , Google proposes a ‘Large’ option for larger devices.

Google continues to refine Android 12 , the new generation of the operating system that still lacks market share after the arrival of the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. One of the most interesting updates was Android 12L , a new interface management for folding phones and Tablets, And this set of news has just been released in beta.

This new version, available for download on select devices, is aimed at improving the conditions for the use of folding or flexible panel devices, such as Samsung’s Z Fold3 or Xiaomi’s Mi Fold , among others. The idea is to improve multitasking and usage dynamics on these changing surfaces.

Android 12L: what’s new

Android 12L seeks to introduce user interface changes throughout the operating system, from the notification panel and quick settings to the lock screen and home screen. We now have two columns on screens with a pixel density greater than 600 instead of a single vertical list. This new version L adds a taskbar with the apps we are using, such as in Windows or ChromeOS, which can be hidden for more space.

Another optimization focuses on the lock screen, which will now have two columns to highlight notifications and the clock. In this section, the screen lock pattern or PIN will be placed on one of the sides, something that is common in custom interfaces on Android.

In addition, we will have apps running on the screen without the need for them to cover the entire panel when running, giving more space for other split or floating screen apps.

Android 12L: where to install

Remember that it is not the first attempt by Google to improve the use of Android on large screens. Already in 2011, version 3 “Honeycomb” was developed as an alternative to “Gingerbread” 2.3 for its implementation on tablets. However, the arrival of Android 4 “Ice Cream Sandwich” unified Android for all devices, regardless of the extent of its panel.

So far, only the Pixels are in Beta phase , from the 3rd to the 5th model. The Pixel 6 with Google Tensor processor are not included, but there is the possibility of installing a developer version on the Lenovo P12 Pro Tablets.