Google says goodbye to Google Glass again and discontinues its business version

Google introduced Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 in May 2019.


Google has announced that, as of this Wednesday, it has stopped the sale of its augmented reality (AR) glasses aimed at companies, Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 , and that it will maintain its support until September 15, the date from the which will discontinue them.

The tech giant started this smart glasses project with Google Glass more than 10 years ago, starting with a version focused on users with an Explorer version . In January 2015, however, Google concluded the development of this device and its sale to the public and began to focus on a version for companies.

In May 2019, Google introduced Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 , which included enhanced features and was designed to help improve employee efficiency, that is, to use them in the different tasks they performed at work.

The Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 platform and includes a new artificial intelligence engine. In addition, its design was developed to adjust the frames to the different types of work in which they are used.

Being designed for workers, these glasses allow users to access features such as checklists or instructions and send photos and videos for review.

Official goodbye to Google Glass

Now, as the technology company has announced through its dedicated Google Glass web page, as of this Wednesday, March 15, 2023, the Google Glass Enterprise Edition has stopped selling .

In this statement, the American manufacturer has thanked “more than a decade of innovation and partnership”, however, it has ruled that it will no longer sell these devices. However, it will maintain its support until September 15 of this year. Thereafter, the glasses will continue to function normally, but without receiving any software updates .