Google: So you can modify your name and the public information you show

The Google account allows the user to customize the profile picture and display name more than once. How to modify it? 


Google keeps a universe of useful applications for the modern user, it has functions that allow: the storage of files, photos, email, search portal, spreadsheets, among others. 

The internet giant also allows you to customize user profiles, uploading your own profile photo and choosing a name to display, linked to the Gmail account.

Modify display name

Google allows you to modify the name to display through its configuration, that username will be the one that is displayed when sharing content that is displayed to other users when you use the company’s services.

This name can be modified as many times as necessary, it will not change your email or personal information registered at the time of account creation.

To edit the display name 

  1. Using the smartphone, open the device settings app
  2. Choose the option called  Google  and then Manage your Google Account .
  3. Go to the Personal information section.
  4. In “Basic information”, press the Name option and then edit
  5. Enter the new display name and press done.

Note: If the old name is still displayed, the cache and cookies of the device must be deleted, it is very likely that this option will close the account from third-party sites, it is recommended to have the password at hand. 

How to control what other users see?

If what you want is to modify what other users see about you,  Google has a configuration section where it is shown: Profile name, photograph, Gender, date of birth, contact information (email), a small introduction section customizable and a section where you can show work experience or profession.

It also has the characteristics of choosing who sees the content with the tabs: ‘Only me’, ‘Anyone’. You can access it by  clicking here .