Google Street View turns 15 and already allows “time travel”

Google developed Street View in 2007 to capture the streets of the world in 360 degrees.


With Street View in 2007, Google advanced its vision of the “world around us” and became the first great immersive experience with real content. 15 years later, this tool became the support for businesses, authorities, the press, hikers and anyone who needed to check the conditions of a street or area to quickly identify their destination or a point of interest. Now, with this technology we can do something else: time travel.

According to Google, the Street View system “has traveled more than 100 million miles, circumnavigating the world more than 400 times.” Since the popular Street View car, more than 200 billion images have been obtained.

This enormous amount of data, collected over the years, has been superimposed on the system to be able to move not only in space, but also in time and see how the area of ​​interest has changed over the years. This new option, available for some time on PC and desktop browsers, is now ready to be used on iOS and Android.

New camera to see the world

Along with these developments, Google announced the arrival of a new 360 camera model that is lighter, and that allows the graphic power of larger cameras to be used in a smaller space.

This equipment, the size of a domestic cat, adds laser scanners to be able to collect precise images and more details about the location of certain elements in the digital environment. In addition, its small size allows you to add it to the grill of any car and operate its operation from a smartphone or tablet.

Google Street View in Peru: the most viewed

According to Google statistics, Lima and Arequipa are the most reviewed cities in the system, followed by the northern cities of Trujillo, Chiclayo and Piura.