Google Translate: know how it works and the ways to use it

The Google Translate tool is one of the best known translators from the Mountain View company.


Learn in this note how to use it on the web and on the phone.

Google translate  is one of the most used tools to find the translation of words in another language. It is an instrument compatible with more than 100 languages ​​and you can use it both on the web and on an Android or iOS device.

Learn how Google Translate works

Like many of Google’s other tools, this translator is powered by artificial intelligence using statistical machine translation, which searches for similar writing in two languages ​​and translates word for word.

Google translate makes translation possible; however, it is not accurate or of quality, since it is word by word, but it does not work in the same way for sentences or paragraphs, because it would be incoherent.

Some time later, in 2016, Google Neural Machine Translation appeared, this system instead of translating word by word, translates together to have a more complete text and with better transfer to the language sought. Then the Zero-Shot system was used, allowing the translation of sentences from two languages ​​that have not been translated before.

How to use Google Translate on PC?

The easiest way to do translations is to use the Google search bar, then type “translate” next to the word you want to translate.

There is another option that facilitates the search in Google, you just have to write the word “translate” in the search engine and a Google translator widget will appear. There you can write the word and select the original language and the language to which it should be translated.

How to use Google translate on the phone?

Another option is to use Google Translate on a phone device. There are two ways to do it.