Google updates its ‘recorder’ in the new Pixel 6, which transcribes audio in real time

The ‘Recorder’ application , exclusively for Google Pixels , has already been updated under Material You and adds more languages ​​to the repertoire.

With the arrival of Android 12 on Pixel phones , Google has decided to refine some of its best applications in this new mode of interaction. The app for voice recording, one of the best for transcribing audio in real time under artificial intelligence, finally has the design under the lines of “Material You”.

This version 3.0 modifies the shape of the record button into a rectangle with rounded corners, which we can also use to pause recording and play or stop previously recorded content. Google has decided to reduce the intensity of the color of these controls to a more pastel tone.

Unlike the current version, which features a total dark mode, this update lightens the black background to a shade closer to dark gray.

More languages ​​supported in the new Pixels

With the arrival of the new Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, Google has taken the opportunity to enhance the work of the Tensor processor with new languages ​​in the recorder. So far, the previous teams, and up to version 5a 5G, will only be able to transcribe the audio in English in real time.

This new generation of telephones, with greater computational processing power in the field of artificial intelligence, will be capable of transcribing French, German and Japanese in real time, with the same precision that English supports in current models.