Google v. Apple: executive asks company to adopt messaging standard

Google Senior Vice President Hiroshi Lockheimer, who oversees Android, wants Apple to adopt a standard for cross-ecosystem messaging.


Its main argument is that Apple does not adopt Rich Communication Services (RCS) , a messaging standard that wants to replace SMS, it can support text, images, audios or emojis, and that it does not need an exclusive application for it.

Google wants Apple to adopt it

Lockheimer doesn’t want Apple to bring iMessage to Android, he wants Apple to support RCS in iMessage, just like the company supports older SMS / MMS standards.

“Phone number-based messaging is the alternative,” Lockheimer tweeted. “If you want to communicate with someone and you don’t know if they use the x, yoz app, you are very confident that sending a text message (SMS) will work.”

By not adopting RCS, Apple is “holding back the industry,” says the executive, and preventing ‌iPhone‌ and Android customers from having the best possible messaging interactions.

Lockheimer ended his Twitter thread stating that Google is happy to “work with Apple” to make RCS interoperability a reality , which is something he has said before.