Google wants you to find your favorite Instagram and TikTok videos from the search engin

Google has started conversations with Facebook and Bytedance to play Instagram and TikTok videos in the search engine natively.


For Google, it is vitally important to add the best results to your searches, but many times there are environments that do not allow efficient indexing to show them immediately. Unlike YouTube videos or podcast episodes, Instagram and TikTok videos are not added for native playback from the search engine. That could be in the works.

According to The InformationGoogle has started negotiations with the parent companies of Instagram and TikTok to add their clips to highly relevant search results. This stage of conversations with Facebook and Bytedance would have remained in the background until the report.

Part of this proposed agreement requires that TikTok and Instagram provide the data that Google needs to index the catalogue of both companies and classify videos so that users do not have problems accessing the content from the search engine.

“The conversations show how Google is trying to keep its search engine relevant with more users as it faces new competition and regulatory threats,” notes the outlet.

YouTube vs TikTok

On YouTube, the trend of replicating TikTok content has caught on with compilations and low-quality copies from popular accounts. The video format has been so successful that today users spend more time in the Bytedance app than in the Google video portal.

This change in routine prompted YouTube to launch “Shorts”, a means by which YouTubers could share short clips with monetization capacity.