Google: What is Google Lens and how can I use it

Google Lens is a free visual analysis tool that is very practical and is available for all mobile phones.


Google Lens is a very innovative software brought by Google , which provides very practical benefits for any user who handles a smartphone. As if that were not enough, this tool is available for iOS and Android.

This mobile application manages an image search engine using the device’s camera and artificial intelligence . The software can recognize the objects that are in front of the camera, after that, the application will analyze the object or anything in front of the mobile using Machine Learning . On the other hand, it can recognize texts and objects both in graphic pieces, photographs or others, just as a living being would. After this, the application will allow you to interact with these elements captured on the mobile screen.

The smart scanner of Google Lens allows you to interact with your environment and/or your surroundings in a technological way.

How to use it and what can I do with it?

The mobile application is available in the PlayStore for Android. Searching for it and installing it is not complicated at all since you can download it and store it on your cell phone after finding it in the virtual stores of the device.

It should be noted that this application is constantly evolving, so you will be able to see updated tools from time to time and even discover new options that other users cannot easily see. However, here is a brief list of what its functions are to date:

An effective scanner

  • The application has the text translation tool in real time, only the user must point to the text.
  • Word search.
  • Copy of text in real time.
  • Make a phone call if you point at a phone number with the cell phone camera.
  • Add contacts from a card by pointing to it. Lens will offer you to add it with name and other data.
  • Information about a book just by pointing at it. Plus a quick link to Google it.
  • Information about a particular architectural structure that is popular just by pointing the camera.
  • Give information about flowers and animals, pointing out about them, from the breed or what type of plant it is.
  • Read restaurant reviews by pointing in their direction. In addition to analyzing the menus of a restaurant, showing some of the dishes and their complete information.

Google Lens is a tool with many surprises that will help the user in his daily life, who will have many facilities at his fingertips just by using his camera.