Google: Where does the name of this company come from?

What is the origin of  Google ? The name of the most famous search engine on the internet.


Millions of people around the world enter Google every day to perform some type of search , whether it is for a topic of public interest, news.

A recipe or simply because they want to find something to do while browsing the Internet . After all, Google is the most popular browser on the Internet, being in many cases the default for any action that allows finding a search of interest to the user.

Google is one of the main technology companies of recent times, being a revolutionary in its precise search engine. The company is located in Mountain View, California and is known for having a great work environment where many programmers and analysts would yearn to work in coveted Google positions .

The success story of Google and even the meaning of its name is not so well known, therefore, in the following note, these points will be delved into

Google from scratch

With the growing heyday of the world’s Internet, Sergey Brin and Larre Pague, two Stanford University students, saw potential in a new world-revolutionary search engine platform that would serve to make browsing the web more convenient. this new technological world.

These two geniuses were very bright from a very young age, they had incredible skills in mathematics and computer science, but they were far from creative, this was evident when naming the company. since before calling it Google , the title given was “BackRub” a name that is not dynamic at all as in its future. The first name came from the fact that it worked by following the backlinks from one website to another, hence the name “Back”, but the name remained in history.

The meaning of Google

It was around the year 1997 when in a brainstorm of the “BackRup” team, the replacement of the not so attractive name emerged, since they wanted a word that meant much more, one suitable for the enormous volume of information that the futuristic would provide. Search Engine.

After much thought, they proposed “Googolplex”, from “Googol” which, in mathematical terms, means 10 raised to the power of 100 , that is, an almost unrecognizable size in reference to the volume of information proposed by the company.

The infinite amount of information was according to the name, but again they fell into a very long and not so sophisticated name, that’s why they preferred only “Googol” and as crazy as it is, Sean who was in the room searched the internet if the name I already had control. But, the creator and founder spelled it wrong, wrongly putting “ google ”, although they realized that the name was much more attractive than “Googol”. A few hours later, the name became more attractive by registering the web side as “ ”, the rest is the well-known success story.