Google will allow users to control the ads they see

Google wants the time in its tools to be the best it can be. It also promises greater online privacy.

Google has announced the launch of My Ad Center , a center from where users can control the advertising they see in their daily experience.

According to the company at its Google I/O 2022 event , users will be able to control what types of ads they receive and, through settings, block ads or reduce certain content they don’t want to see.

These changes will be delivered to the servers anonymously, which will allow other users to also receive improvements in advertising.

More security

Google announced Protected Computing, a system that will erase data to help anonymize its users. The use of AI and cloud computing changes where and how data is processed.

Google will also minify a person’s data used, to make it harder to over-index. Those from Mountain View will ensure that you will collect less and delete more. The company restricts access so that companies, including Google , do not overuse your personal data.

The company investing $10 billion to improve user safety online. Google services will also now offer better protection against phishing attempts, automatically detecting them and automatically putting the user to safety. Google is also improving multi-factor authentication with easy-to-use one-touch authentication that eliminates six-digit codes.

I/ O 2022 has also surprised by revealing that Google Translate will have new languages, including Quechua and Aymara . You can follow all the news at this link .