Google will hold an event on AI and could reveal its long-awaited response to ChatGPT

Google  has announced a new event focused on its search engine and AI , so it could present the project with which it plans to challenge ChatGPT


Google is preparing to finally reveal its response to the threatening ChatGPT , an OpenAI chatbot that would be putting its supremacy and that of its search engine at risk according to several technology analysts. The company has announced that it will organize a new event focused on its search engine and artificial intelligence , which has already raised suspicions about what could be presented.

As can be seen on the official channel of the technology firm on its YouTube platform , the event is called “Google presents: Live from Paris” and the transmission is scheduled to start on February 8 at 8:30 a.m. , Peruvian time, and will last about 40 minutes. The description of this new staging of the company mentions the following:

“We are reimagining the way people search, explore and interact with information, making finding what you need more natural and intuitive than ever. Join us to discover how we are making information easier to access for people around the world, through Search, Maps and much more 

Google would show its own ChatGPT at the event

The timing of this new event is momentous for Google as CEO Sundar Pichai announced a few days ago that the company is planning to let people “interact directly” with its “newest and most powerful language models as a search partner.” ” soon.

Google , long the default method of searching for information on the Internet, is feeling the pressure from Microsoft as, after announcing a $10 billion boost to its investment in OpenAI , it plans to integrate the artificial intelligence of ChatGPT into bing . This will allow this search engine to offer more intelligent summaries and results, something that Google still struggles to achieve to date.

A possibility that may end up being something else entirely

Although it is quite likely that Google could present its own version of ChatGPT or a technology that allows it to compete against this artificial intelligence, the truth is that nothing has been said yet and the announcements made in its presentation next Wednesday, February 8 they could be totally different from what most tech experts point out.

It is quite possible that the presentation will deal more with tools that the company has had in the market for some time and with which the public is already familiar like Google Lens, Translate, Shopping and Maps . The company might be planning to show updates or news that will come to these platforms in the future, but the truth is that it is in a race against time as ChatGPT continues to become more and more popular with the passing of the days.