Google will let you easily stream Meet meetings on YouTube

It will only be necessary to link our YouTube account to Google Meet in order to do so.


Google is rolling out a way to live stream Meet  meetingson YouTube .

The feature, though, is coming to the enterprise levels of Workplace first.

Stream and work

Google asks all interested users to first submit an application to approve the YouTube channel .

After that, which can take up to 24 hours to process, video calls can be easily streamed from Meet .

The feature is available to most paid Workplace accounts: Enterprise tiers (Starter, Standard, and above), Education Plus, and individual subscribers, as well as Google One Premium plan members in select countries. However, people on most starter, base, legacy, or essential packages don’t have access.

Google Workplace admins can opt in to public streaming for the business accounts they manage, which also includes some security measures to make sure your weekly meeting doesn’t turn into an open mic.

It is being renewed

In June 2021, an update for teachers on Google Meet mentioned the ability to stream events like school board meetings on YouTube.

Other features mentioned, such as improvements to meeting rooms and a “video lock” that allows hosts to turn off everyone’s videos at once or mute everyone, have since been implemented.