Google will not launch an artificial intelligence like ChatGPT: Why?

The great acceptance of ChatGPT by users has caused Google to discuss its functionality and the future of artificial intelligence .


The release of ChatGPT by OpenAI has generated great acceptance and amazement from internet users. This tool, which looks almost like a voice assistant, has been named as a replacement for traditional search engines, so Google has come out on top.

According to CNBC , the employees believe there is “a missed opportunity” to cause a stir on the internet with their own artificial intelligence called LaMDA . However, company executives have another idea about it.

There are more risks

According to Google employees , the company’s managers do not want to launch their technology to try to be direct competitors of ChatGPT for one simple reason: reputation.

Google believes that, unlike small companies, they have to act more conservatively.

“We’re looking to turn them into actual products and things that more prominently feature the language model rather than under the hood, which is where we’ve been using them to date. But it’s very important that we get it right,” said Jeff Dean, head of Google ‘s artificial intelligence division .

Likewise, considering that web browsers can be replaced by AI maintains “a large number of challenges.” ” Artificial intelligence can invent things,” he says.

The head responds

Even Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Alphabet, the parent company of all Google -related companies , noted that “you have to take it easy” but that they had “a lot” planned regarding artificial intelligence.

Google ‘s concern is also about the racist and homophobic flows that many artificial intelligences took when answering questions to the people who used them.