Google withdraws its salute to Internet Explorer 11

Seven years ago,  Internet Explorer 11  was  the most popular browser in the world . By then Chrome had already overtaken Firefox, but it was a far cry from the last of Microsoft’s Explorer designed to hit the web, even though it had only been in the limelight for a year. Specifically, since it was released together with Windows 8.1.

Fortunately, it has rained a lot since then and Microsoft Explorer has passed away in general terms, even though it continues to have a presence on the web, most likely with more than one of its versions still in use, but with Internet Explorer 11 as the most widespread, which already in its first year on the air and once ported to Windows 7, managed to unseat its predecessor, Internet Explorer 8.

Against all odds, however, the nail in the coffin of Internet Explorer 11 was not put by any other Explorer but Chrome, to the point that the original Microsoft Edge, the first attempt at revitalizing the in-house web browser, was a failure. for the efforts that Microsoft put it and the expectations that had, given recent history. Only Microsoft’s adoption of Chromium has ended its drag.

As of today and according to the statistics that StatCounter manages , Internet Explorer would occupy a ridiculous 1.3% of market share counting all its versions.

Google says goodbye to Internet Explorer 11

Be that as it may, Internet Explorer 11 is doomed to the most absolute extinction and a new blow comes to it that confirms it: the  end of browser support by Google . From the Google search engine, to be more exact. But do not blame the Mountain View company for the death, in case you are still using Internet Explorer 11: the fault is yours alone. Change your browser now, we are in 2021!

In fact, the quarter of a century of Internet Explorer is  sentenced by Microsoft’s decision , with special attention in this 2021 that already faces its final stretch: in May the roadmap for its ouster was released, aiming for the middle of last August the dismissal of Internet Explorer 11 support from Microsoft 365, although it will not be until June 2022 when the removal of the browser from the regular versions of Windows 10 becomes effective (in Windows 11 it is not supported).

Therefore, Google does not rush, rather the opposite: it has taken it easy. In any case, that Google withdraws support for Internet Explorer 11 does not mean that the search engine no longer works with this version, only that Google ignores any problems that arise … and over time they will be more and more, as they apply changes that the browser is not prepared to deal with … because its development has been abandoned.

And you, are you still using Internet Explorer 11. Why? If you want full compatibility with Windows,  the new Microsoft Edge is a first class browser , it already offers compatibility with Internet Explorer and this is  how more and more users are recognizing it , not to mention that the pressure from Microsoft to leave it will be greater and greater. … And  cheats have an expiration date .