Google workers want Incognito mode to be truly ‘private’ to users

Google ‘s own workers disagree with how Incognito mode works , which only prevents the user’s history from being saved.


Google workers are asking Sundar Pichai, the company’s CEO, to make their browser’s Incognito mode really private.

According to different workers, this mode only hides the user’s history, but does not protect the information we provide.

Changes for Incognito mode

Lorraine Twohill, director of marketing at Google , emailed Pichai to “make Incognito mode really private.”

“We are limited in how strongly we can market because it is not truly private, which requires really fuzzy language and coverage that is almost more damaging,” it reads.

This message was revealed as part of a lawsuit against Google precisely because of the issue, pointing out that the company “deceives its users” by giving them that false security of not delivering information on the pages they visit.

In another message, you can see how an employee shared a report showing that a large number of users do not really know what Incognito mode does. To do this, he proposed to stop calling him ‘Incognito’ and put aside the spy symbol he wears.

What does Incognito mode do?

According to Google ‘s own information , this mode prevents activity data from being saved on the devices where we use it, such as history.

Google also notes that this mode does not prevent websites from serving ads based on your activity.

” Incognito mode offers users a private browsing experience, and we have been clear about how it works and what it does, while the plaintiffs in this case have purposefully misrepresented our statements,” the company said.