Google works on augmented reality glasses with real-time translation

According to the company, the augmented reality glasses will be able to translate voice to text in any of the Google Translate languages ​​in real time.


Google has closed I/O 2022 with a tool that will be more than useful: augmented reality glasses  that will allow real-time translation between languages.

The company showed a video in which different users share life experiences thanks to these tools, such as a Spanish-speaker understanding live a buyer who speaks English.

the future is promising

The experiences shown in the video are moving and promise to give hope for the future.

A mother who speaks only Chinese can communicate with her daughter who understands English thanks to the glasses: they listen to the woman and convert it in time into English text through their lenses.

” Augmented reality can break down communication barriers and help us understand each other better by making language visible. See what happens when we bring technologies like transcription and translation into your line of sight,” says Google.

Google acquired smart glasses maker North in 2020, and its work with Google Glass pioneered smart glasses nearly a decade ago.

Of course, it is important to note that it is a demonstration, so it is a technology still in development. That said, it is not known what device as such it is, nor when it will be available.