Halo: Infinite to release first multiplayer beta soon

Halo: Infinite has already won a video showing many details about the multiplayer mode, and today we have great news: this mode should be released to testers soon, more precisely this week! The announcement about the release of the beta version was made through the 343 Industries blog.

Detailing a little more, the news comes from the 343 blogs Inside Infinite column, which is updated every month. The latest post says the developer focuses on bringing a good experience to players in multiplayer mode and will therefore conduct preliminary tests with it to gather user feedback.

Tests can start as early as this week, probably at the end of it. 343 Industries’ effort is entirely understandable; after all, Halo Infinite multiplayer will be free for Xbox and PC users, which should attract even more users and will undoubtedly be the gateway for many who choose to purchase the entire game with story mode if they have a positive online experience in the game.

It was also detailed that the first multiplayer beta version will have as main objectives to evaluate the gameplay with bots through the Bot Slayer mode with three maps: Bazaar, Recharge and Live Fire with four difficulty levels: Recruit, Navy, ODST and Spartan.

It’s interesting to mention that the first beta test won’t have stats, mods and other elements that can change gameplay and difficulty, as this can hinder user ratings and feedback.

Are you looking forward to Halo: Infinite? Video reveals everything about the game in multiplayer mode.

Microsoft’s E3 conference drew many people’s attention for several Xbox-exclusive releases, including Halo Infinite, which arrives for Xbox and Windows 10 in late 2021. However, today a video released by 343 Industries shows more details about the new multiplayer that will surely leave legions of fans with control in hand for a long time to come.

Initially, the first players will go through a training mode at the Academy, where Commander Laurette will teach all the steps in the tutorial. It’s interesting to note this choice, as it makes the multiplayer game more campaign independent.

The training will involve fights against bots managed by Artificial Intelligence to test all their abilities.

Among the customization options, we have armour, vehicles, weapons and improvements in all these aspects, which will be the main focus as in all free multiplayer.

Halo Infinite will also feature a Battle Pass, but players can rest assured that the developers guarantee that the Pass won’t grant any competitive advantage; only the characters’ aesthetics will be altered.

Another great news is the absence of Loot Boxes in Halo Infinite, meaning you won’t have to rely on luck if you want to acquire a weapon, vehicle or costume in-game.

Halo Infinite will be free and available for Xbox One, X and S Series, Windows 10 and will also be available via Game Pass on all these platforms in late 2021.