Harassment in the metaverse, a virtual reality

With the media momentum that the metaverse is taking , so are its threats like bullying against avatars in the digital world.


Can an avatar be sexually assaulted? With the expansion of the metaverses , those virtual reality universes, the first cases of harassment have also appeared , an experience that can be traumatizing.

“I entered the common space and almost immediately three or four male avatars were attached to me: I felt trapped,” Nina Jane Patel, a British businesswoman, told AFP .

“They touched and groped my avatar without my consent. Meanwhile, another avatar was taking selfies,” he added.

His assailant then showed him the virtual photos of the scene. It was at that moment that the businesswoman, who is also the vice president of metaverse research at the virtual reality company Kabuni Ventures, realized that she had been the victim of “sexual assault.”