Lately we often talk about how the new technologies for digital rejuvenation, guided by artificial intelligence, are preparing to change the face (excuse the joke) of spectacular cinema. 


Among the next films to make use of it there will also be Indiana Jones and the Wheel of Destiny : as we have seen from the trailer , in the opening sequence (and, who knows, perhaps also in others) Harrison Ford will be rejuvenated and, if we can trust what we have seen so far, the end result will be beyond impressive.

Ford spoke about this during an episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert , revealing that the de-aging was done using AI. Is he talking about FRAN , Disney’s patented AI for rejuvenation?

However, the actor explained:

That’s my real face at that age. They have this AI program. He gets to go through every inch of film Lucasfilm owns, and I’ve made several films for them. They have all of this shot, including film that hasn’t been printed… They’ve used it to extrapolate the direction of the light, the expressions. But that’s my real face. They put dots on my face, I say the words and they do the rest. Is fantastic.

Ford added:

My hope is that as much as we talk about it in terms of technology, people see it and think, “Oh my God, they found some footage. This is stuff they shot forty years ago.

Rejuvenation technologies are making great strides: Robert Zemeckis recently announced that he will use Metaphysic Live AI to rejuvenate Tom Hanks, Robin Wright and the rest of the cast of his ambitious film Here .

Indiana Jones and the Wheel of Destiny will arrive in US theaters on June 30, and here in those same days.