Announced the release date of Haunted Mansion , the new film based on the famous Disney attraction. 


March 10, 2023, this means that it will have to clash with Dungeons & Dragons , whose release is set for March 3 of the same year.

Directed by the creator of Dear White People

As we already know , Dear White People creator Justin Simien will direct the film. Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich , producers of Aladdin (the live action version directed by Guy Ritchie ), will produce the film with their Rideback. Katie Dippold ( Parks and Recreation , Ghostbusters ) wrote the most recent draft of the script. In the cast we will find Danny DeVito , Rosario Dawson , LaKeith Stanfield , Tiffany Haddish and Owen Wilson .

The movie with Eddie Murphy

The Haunted Mansion attraction had already inspired an Eddie Murphy movie , The Haunted Mansion , in 2003. Directed by Rob Minkoff , it launched in the same year as the first Pirates of the Caribbean , Curse of the First Moon . Disney seemed determined to adapt the attractions of its parks to the big screen, but since then only the Pirates saga has survived. The situation changed with the arrival in theaters of the film Jungle Cruise with Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt , which proved to be such a success as to guarantee a sequel .