Hawkeye , the new live action series of the Marvel Cinematic Universe proposed by Disney +.


Focuses on Clint Barton and his new partner, Kate Bishop : there are no other superheroes, although in the course of the vision there are surprises, including the arrival of an anti-heroine and an unexpected supervillain… director Rhys Thomas , however, revealed that he had thought about the possible involvement of two heroes in particular: Spider-Man and Ant-Man .

The first, on a contractual level, would have been very difficult to have, in truth, but being the story set in New York and given the tone of the film and the fact that Peter and Kate are almost the same age, it would have been interesting to see:

I think I posed the question, because I thought that since we are in New York and, in the end, several things happen, it seemed ok that someone could come and help… after all, he is doing everything himself. But in the end we never really talked about whether it could have happened or not.

As for Ant-Man, mentioned several times during the show and which surely would have created some very funny moments thanks to the pairing Paul Rudd – Jeremy Renner, Thomas stated:

In the end, we already had quite a few characters on the show… we focused on him [Hawkeye].

We’ll see what happens next season. A perfect addition, of course, would be Charlie Cox’s Daredevil !