Yesterday we discovered that Hawkeye ‘s ending will be the longest episode of all the Marvel Studios series , while today we have a spot that anticipates the events.

It is clear that we will see a battle with Clint ( Jeremy Renner ), Kate ( Hailee Steinfeld ), Maya ( Alaqua Cox ), Yelena ( Florence Pugh ) and the Tracksuit Mafia , while the knots will come to a head as regards Eleanor Bishop ( Vera Farmiga ) and Jack Duquesne ( Tony Dalton ). The spot, however, focuses heavily on that “boss” that the archer wanted to avoid involving, revealed at the end in the previous episode .

We see him walking with his cane, between fights: it will be interesting to find out how much it will be present in the episode, and how it will relate to the next Echo series (well, it’s not very difficult to imagine). We also see Clint preparing new special arrows with Kate .

The finale will be released on Wednesday December 22 on Disney + . You can see the spot below.

The spot

The synopsis

In a Christmas New York, Clint Barton, better known as Hawkeye, passes the baton (or in this case the bow) to a new generation. Specifically, Kate Bishop, a young warrior who has spent her life trying to look like her hero.

The cast

The cast includes Jeremy Renner ( Clint Barton ), Hailee Steinfeld ( Kate Bishop ), Florence Pugh ( Yelena Belova ), Vera Farmiga ( Eleanor Bishop ), Tony Dalton ( Jack Duquesne / Swordsman ), Alaqua Cox ( Maya Lopez / Echo ), Zahn McClarnon ( William Lopez ) and Fra Fee ( Kazimierz Kazimierczak / Clown ).

Clint Barton’s pupil

The show will introduce Kate Bishop . Created in 2005 by Allan Heinberg (texts) and Jim Cheung (drawings) on Young Avengers n. 1 , the young Kate inherits the name of Hawkeye in the period in which the latter is believed dead. In the series, we can assume that Kate will become Clint Barton’s “protégé” , who will train her in combat and archery.

The screenwriter

The screenplay for the series was entrusted to Jonathan Igla , best known for Mad Men .

The direction

Hawkeye will be directed by duoBert and Bertie(akaAmber FinlaysonandKatie Ellwood) andRhys Thomas.

Bert and Bertie are known for the film Troop Zero , but have also directed several installments of Kidding and The Great . Emmy-winning Rhys Thomas directed Staten Island Summer and an episode of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt , as well as various segments of Saturday Night Live .