HBO Max: How to change the profile picture on your account

Changing your profile picture on HBO Max is an important task as it helps us stand out from other users’ accounts.


Many HBO Max users share their account with family or friends, this can create conflict when it comes to knowing which user is each one. For this, it is important to have a different profile image.

How to change your user profile image on HBO Max from the web

Unfortunately it is not possible to add images from your Gallery as a profile picture on HBO Max. Currently, it is only allowed to change your image by selecting a color.

From the App

You can change it in the HBO Max Android or iOS app.


– From the main screen select ‘Manage Profiles’.


– Select the profile you want to change.


– Press the camera icon, above the color palette.


– You will get three options: ‘take a photo’, ‘upload from device’ and ‘Choose a character’.


– The first allows you to take a photo with your cell phone and use it as a profile image.


-The second allows you to select an image that you have on your cell phone.


– The third allows you to choose an HBO Max character to put as a profile.


– After choosing the option, select ‘Save’.