HBO Max: these are the price, name and catalog changes that are expected after its merger

HBO Max will merge with Discovery + into a single app worldwide. This is what has been leaked about the new combined service.


HBO Max is ready to change in the midst of a new streaming war. With a host of competing services, the brand is preparing to merge with Discovery + into a single app coming this year.

Bloomberg has revealed a lot of information prior to what will be the official announcement on April 12 and this is what we can know so far.

HBO Max and the changes it will have

From the get-go, the new HBO Max along with Discovery+ will take on a simpler name: Max .

According to the report, Max will have three types of subscription. The first, basic with advertising, will cost $10 in the United States. The second will be the standard, without advertising, at $16 per month, while the third will be the premium with a cost of $20, thus being the most expensive on the market to date.

The app itself will share similarities to the Disney+ platform , with Warner Bros. Discovery branding as individual tiles. These will be: HBO, Discovery, DC Comics and Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. Discovery wants all the content to be in one place so that the user does not have to subscribe twice. Recall that the company owns HBO, Warner Bros., Discovery, DC, CNN, WB Games, Turner Sports, Cartoon Network, HGTV, Food Network, TNT, TBS, Turner Classic Movies, Wizarding World, Adult Swim, Eurosport, Magnolia , TLC, Animal Planet, ID and much more.

A possible Discovery app

Although, on the one hand, the company Warner Bros. Discovery is accelerating the merger between the platforms, on the other the brand officials want the first platform not to close completely and remain independent in parallel.

The Wall Street Journal notes that the company is looking to keep a version of Discovery+ running even after the merger so as not to lose the company’s 20 million subscribers who could not renew and pay more for the service.

At the company’s last meeting to present its earnings to investors, David Zaslav – president and CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery – mentioned that the merger of both streaming services will be launched in the United States during the second quarter of 2023.

According to the Fierce Wireless portal , the combined streaming services have a base of 94.9 million active users today; most of them being from the first platform.