HBO Max will be called just ‘Max’ after its merger with Discovery +, according to CNBC

‘ Max ‘ will maintain the joint catalog of both current streaming services and will arrive during the second quarter of 2023. 


The merged app between the streaming services HBO Max  and Discovery+ will be called simply ‘ Max ‘ according to CNBC.

According to the report , this name has already been selected by the executives and formalized by the company with a minimum margin of change.

‘Max’ and goodbye to the HBO name

Internally, Warner Bros. Discovery , the now-merged company, has given the new service a codename of “BEAM” while a final name is debated, sources told the outlet. The company’s lawyers are also investigating possibilities.

The app itself will share similarities to the Disney+ platform, with Warner Bros. Discovery branding as individual tiles. These will be: HBO, Discovery, DC Comics and Warner Bros.

There has been debate within the company about keeping HBO in the name of the new streaming service given its prestige. But removing it will also end a number of HBO-branded streaming services that have confused consumers like HBO Go and HBO Now.

Warner Bros. Discovery is trying to reform itself through a series of changes and cost cuts . The company is dealing with a huge debt load and, like the rest of the industry, is figuring out how to make the streaming business profitable, instead of chasing subscribers while spending big on content.

Subscriptions to HBO Max and Discovery+ are currently $14.99 and $6.99. Both also offer cheaper ad-supported tiers.

gradual arrival

Warner Bros. Discovery management has moved up the launch date of the combined service to the second quarter of 2023.

HBO Max , launched two years ago with the aim of becoming the main competition for Netflix and Disney+, currently has 76.8 million users in the US, Europe and Latin America.