He took a selfie every day for 15 years and this is the result

Jordan Wilson has taken a picture every day since he was 13 years old, precisely for Christmas. The video of him has gone viral on networks.


Taking a selfie is easy. Carry out the same process solemnly for 15 years, no.

That is why the now adult Jordan Wilson has gone viral on social networks after sharing the results of his project, which began on Christmas 2007.

Since young

Wilson began this journey when he was 13 years old and in the project he wanted mainly to portray the physical change that comes with living more than a decade.

With the footage, the now 28-year-old used DaVinci Resolve to make the video with a “stabilization option.”

This is the result.

Not the longest timelapse

This effort is one of the longest ever, but not number 1.

The American artist Noah Kalina maintains a project called ‘Everyday’ in which he has taken photos since January 11, 2000, at the age of 19.

Despite the fact that he uploaded a video in August 2006, the work continues until the day he decides to finish it.