Heinz launches a ‘ketchup’ made with tomatoes grown under the same conditions as Mars

A group of scientists grew tomatoes at the same temperature and water levels found on the surface of the planet Mars.

Heinz has just introduced the first bottle of ‘ketchup’ made with tomatoes grown in the same harsh climatic conditions as Mars . As is known, the Red Planet has a different temperature, climate, atmospheric pressure and little water level compared to Earth .

This new tomato sauce called “Marz Edition” is the product of two years of research by a group of astro biologists from the Aldrin Space Institute of the Florida Institute of Technology.

“We are very excited that our team of experts was able to grow tomatoes in conditions found on another planet and share our creation with the world,” said Cristina Kenz, director of growth for Kraft Heinz International Zone, in a statement.

‘Martian’ tomatoes

“From analyzing the soil for Martian conditions two years ago to harvesting now, it has been a proven journey wherever we end up, Heinz Tomato Ketchup Tomato Sauce will continue to be enjoyed for generations to come.”  Added Kenz.

Compared to Earth, Mars is 37 ° C cooler , has a primarily carbon dioxide- based atmosphere , little sunlight, and lower gravity. 

“Regarding our own survival on this planet, one of the big questions is how do we grow in soils that are not ideal,” said Andrew Palmer, who led the team from the Florida Institute of Technology Aldrin Space Institute. “Until now, most of the efforts to discover ways to grow in conditions simulated by Mars are short-term plant growth studies. What this project has done is looking at long-term food harvests.”

The Marz Edition batch of sauce has already passed Heinz quality testing, but it has not been approved for public consumption and will not be available for purchase in supermarkets anytime soon.