Hellraiser reboot will arrive on Hulu on October 7 , directed by David Bruckner ( The Ritual, The Night House ) and starring Jamie Clayton ( Sense8 ) as Pinhead.

Entertainment Weekly has recently released the first photo of the actress in the role of the Cenobita, as well as that of a brand new Cenobita, baptized.

“The Mask” (played by Vukašin Jovanović ). In two other images we can see Odessa A’zion , who plays the new protagonist Riley, and Goran Visnjic as Voight.

Bruckner explained that his film should not be considered a remake, but an addition to the vast universe of Hellraiser :

This is not a remake. I never thought that the original Hellraiser could be redone . It’s too much of a stand-alone thing and would, I think, dangerous for a director, because how do you do better? This is a new story in the Hellraiser universe .

Speaking of Jamie Clayton’s casting as Pinhead, which belonged to Doug Bradley in the original, the director said:

We felt the anticipation of the fans in reimagining the character. We knew we wanted a woman to play Pinhead. Jamie was simply the right person for the role.

Bruckner asked Clayton not to copy Doug Bradley:

What Doug Bradley has done with the character is iconic. We didn’t want to do a Doug Bradley imitation, we didn’t think it was possible. There will be suffering, but you will get an idea of ​​Pinhead’s desires in a perhaps a little different way.

Finally, about Riley, in the character of Odessa A’zion, Bruckner explained:

[The film] is the story of a girl struggling with addiction and compulsive behaviors, who accidentally comes into contact with the box and unfortunately starts dabbling with it. And wreaks havoc.