The ruthless demons called ” Cenobites ” are the protagonists of an official featurette proposed by 20th Century Studios and Hulu and aimed at bringing.


The public closer to these disturbing figures created by the writer Clive Barker and at the basis of the mythology of the Hellraiser saga , new film included.

The new film, directed by David Bruckner ( The Ritual, The Night House ) and starring Jamie Clayton ( Sense8 ), premiered on Hulu on October 7, and is likely to arrive on Disney + in the near future.

Bruckner explained that his film should not be considered a remake, but an addition to the vast universe of Hellraiser :

This is not a remake. I never thought the original Hellraiser could be redone . It’s too much of a stand-alone thing and it would be, I think, dangerous for a director, because how do you do better? This is a new story in the Hellraiser universe .

Speaking of Jamie Clayton’s casting as Pinhead, which belonged to Doug Bradley in the original, the director said:

We felt the anticipation of the fans in reimagining the character. We knew we wanted a woman to play Pinhead. Jamie was simply the right person for the role.

Bruckner asked Clayton not to copy Doug Bradley:

What Doug Bradley has done with the character is iconic. We didn’t want to do a Doug Bradley imitation, we didn’t think it was possible. There will be suffering, but you will get an idea of ​​Pinhead’s desires in a perhaps a little different way.

Finally, about Riley, in the character of Odessa A’zion, Bruckner explained:

[The film] is the story of a girl struggling with addiction and compulsive behaviors, who accidentally comes into contact with the box and unfortunately starts dabbling with it. And wreaks havoc.