On Paramount+, in the USA, two projects that are being talked about a lot have just made their debut, both related to the world of werewolves.


The first is the highly anticipated Teen Wolf: The Movie , which brings back beloved characters from the MTV series six years after it ended. The other is instead a new series, Wolf Pack , which shares not only the theme with Teen Wolf , but also the author: it was in fact also created by Jeff Davis . And, of course, like Teen Wolf it is aimed at a teenage audience and focuses on a group of teenagers dealing with the problems of lycanthropy…

Wolf Pack

The question arises, considering all these common traits between the two series: is Wolf Pack somehow connected to the Teen Wolf universe ? The answer is a resounding no, and it comes directly from Jeff Davis. The author denies that the new series is a spin-off, mainly for two reasons: first, it is inspired by a series of novels of the same name, written by Edo van Belkom , whereas Teen Wolf was loosely based on The Will to Win , the cult years ’80 with Michael J. Fox . Second, there’s just a difference in approach, which Davis explained to Entertainment Weekly :

I wanted to do something different but from Teen Wolf . With Teen Wolf , one of the first things we did was ask ourselves how we could upend the traditional werewolf myth. This time, I wanted to go back to the more traditional myths.

In the new series there will also be space for a series of more realistic portraits of today’s teenagers:

I have found that today’s teenagers have problems such as anxiety, difficulty connecting with each other, finding others in a world of technology, pandemics, people being separated. This is what the story really talks about: these four guys who find each other, who find their pack, their people.

Here is the plot of the series:

In Wolf Pack , the lives of a young boy and girl are changed forever when a wildfire in California awakens a terrifying supernatural creature and prompts it to attack a freeway traffic jam beneath the burning hills. Wounded in the chaos, the boy and girl are inexplicably attracted to each other and to two other teenagers who were adopted sixteen years earlier by a park ranger after another mysterious fire. As the full moon rises, all four teenagers reunite to uncover the secret that connects them: the bite and blood of a werewolf.

The cast includes Armani Jackson (Everett), Bella Shepard (Blake), Chloe Rose Robertson (Luna) and Tyler Lawrence Gray (Harlan). Joining them will be Sarah Michelle Gellar as Kristin Ramsey, an arson investigator, described as “a highly regarded expert in her field and no stranger to personal loss, called in by authorities to catch the teenage arsonist who triggered a huge fire that may also have led to the awakening of a supernatural predator terrorizing Los Angeles.” And also Rodrigo Santoro .

The trailer:

Teen Wolf: The Movie

In the meantime, let’s see the synopsis:

The full moon rises in Beacon Hills and with it, a terrifying evil emerges. The wolves howl once more, calling upon the return of banshees, werewolves, hellhounds, kitsune, and every other shapeshifter of the night. But only a werewolf like Scott McCall (Tyler Posey), no longer a teenager but still an alpha, can gather new allies and trusted friends to fight what may be the most powerful and deadly enemy they have ever faced.

In the film we will find many members of the original cast: in addition to Tyler Posey there will be Tyler Hoechlin, Holland Roden, Shelley Hennig, Crystal Reed, Orny Adams, Linden Ashby, JR Bourne, Seth Gilliam, Colton Haynes, Ryan Kelly, Melissa Ponzio, Dylan Sprayberry , Khylin Rhambo and Ian Bohen . The return of Crystal Reed as Allison Argent is interesting, a character who died at the end of the third season who, Jeff Davis assures, will not be limited to a cameo here, but will return for real. However, Dylan O’Brien will not return .

Obviously the protagonists of the original series are no longer teenagers, and therefore a new Teen Wolf will be introduced in the film to maintain the sense of the title: it is Eli Hale ( Vince Mattis ), Derek’s son. Tyler Hoechlin said their father/son relationship will be central to the film.

Here is the trailer:

Teen Wolf: The Movie is produced by MTV Entertainment Studios and MGM’s Orion Television, written by Jeff Davis and directed by veteran Russell Mulcahy , director of Highlander and about forty episodes of the original series.

For now we don’t know when Wolf Pack and Teen Wolf: The Movie will debut on Paramount+ in Italy, but we will keep you updated