Hot Wheels launches its first remote-controlled wheelchair action toy

Hot Wheels seeks to support the inclusion of the hand of a maximum champion of the International Paralympic Committee.


Toy developer Hot Wheels  has announced its first remote-controlled wheelchair.

As a way to encourage inclusion from an early age, the company teamed up with five-time world champion wheelchair motocross athlete and Paralympic athlete Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham .

Hot Wheels says the Fotheringham toy and partnership is to encourage children to take on challenges and obstacles.

remote control stunts

The toy has been designed to mimic the athlete, who is known for doing elaborate tricks and doing more than somersaults with his wheelchair.

Therefore, with the remote control, the action figure will do stunts with the included ramp. 

The world champion hopes the new  Hot Wheels toy will change the public perception of wheelchairs by showing that a medical device can be used in an adventurous and fun way .

The Hot Wheels R/C wheeled chair will cost $50 and can move up to 10 kilometers per hour.