The trailer for Hotel Portofino is available.


the series that marks the return to TV of former Californication and Designated Survivor star Natasha McElhone , arriving on February 28 on Sky Serie, available on demand on Sky and streaming on NOW.

Set in a rather turbulent period, that of the years that saw the rise to power of Benito Mussolini in Italy, the series follows McElhone as Bella Ainsworth, daughter of a wealthy English industrialist who will move to the Ligurian Riviera di Levante to open a British style hotel in Portofino.

The plot

Italy, 1920s. While Benito Mussolini’s political takeover is underway in Italy, the enterprising Bella Ainsworth – daughter of a wealthy British industrialist, Jack Livesey – moves to Portofino to open a hotel in pure British style. With her husband, Lord Cecil Ainsworth, belonging to a family that is still noble but no longer possessive as in the good old days. Her hope is to give herself and her family a new beginning after one of the darkest periods of recent decades, the Great War, a conflict that has left an indelible mark not only in history, but also in the personal stories of who has found himself more or less directly involved. Beyond that, Bella also has another equally important goal: to achieve economic independence. Will your business be successful? Will the sun of the Eastern Ligurian Riviera, the delicacies of the local cuisine, the relationship with the employees, with the guests and with the inhabitants of the area be enough to make you a new woman and to restore some serenity to the family? Problems always seem to be around the corner …

The series is crossed throughout its six episodes by a whodunit- style narrative line , a thriller that will see alternating various suspects and as many twists, for a surprising costumed thriller with a cast in which Mark Umbers also stands out in the as Bella’s charming but dangerous husband, Cecil Ainsworth, and Anna Chancellor as an influential guest at the facility.

The cast

Among the patrons of the Hotel Portofino also the Italians Daniele Pecci ( Hearts ) and Lorenzo Richelmy ( Marco Polo ), who will respectively be father and son in the role of two elegant Italian nobles; in the cast also Rocco Fasano ( Skam Italia ), who will play a young local, anti-fascist activist.