How can I see two timetables of different cities on my Android phone?

If you need to set two different time zones on your Android phone , here’s how.


Android phones have several default applications that are quite useful and that many people do not take advantage of.

One of them is the Clock application, which, apart from giving us the time, also serves as a stopwatch, timer and alarm.

The Clock application, created by Google, not only has the time of your country, but also that of many other countries and cities. If you want or need to know what time it is in another country, here we tell you how to add the time of other countries or cities to the clock of your Android phone .

Add the time zone of other countries to the Clock of your Android

  • Open the Clock app.
  • Tap the blue globe button displayed at the bottom of the screen.
  • Type the name of the city or country for which you want to know the time zone, and then select it. Repeat the process to select the cities you want.
  • After you have chosen the city you want, exit the application by pressing the back button on your Android .

Place the digital clock widget on the home screen of your Android phone

If you want the time of the city or country you selected to appear on the main screen of your Android phone along with the time of your country, follow these steps:

  • Go to the main screen of your phone and press and hold an empty space for 2 seconds.
  • Select the Widgets option.
  • Find the Clock app widgets and choose the 3 x 3 Digital Clock widget.
  • Place the clock where you want and make sure to zoom in as much as possible so that the times for the cities you selected appear.