How fast is the world’s fastest internet?

The fastest internet in the world is owned by the United States Department of Energy .


The United States Department of Energy (DOE) maintains to date the fastest internet in the world for the exclusive use of scientific research.

According to the entity itself, it holds the record for reaching a bandwidth of 46 Terabits/s.

The fastest internet in the world

That the Department of Energy has the fastest internet in the world is no accident.

The government office network is devoting itself exclusively to scientific research and, curiously, it can continue to increase in speed if the complexity of the instruments and supercomputers continues to grow.

Barbara Helland, associate director of the DOE Office of Science’s Advanced Scientific Computing Research Program, noted that science is faced with “exponentially increasing volumes of data, along with the need to move, share, and process this data globally.” worldwide and faster than ever before.”

The DOE’s internet is provided by the US company ESnet6.