How much will the Netflix ad-supported plan cost? Half the standard, notes Bloomberg

According to the international media, the next Netflix plan will deliver four minutes of commercials per hour.

The next Netflix plan with advertising will cost between 7 and 9 dollars, assures the international media Bloomberg .

According to his report , this version will cost half the price of the standard package and could be ready by the end of this year.

Ads getting closer

Netflix has already confirmed that it is working on this new affordable plan in order to encourage more people to subscribe to its service.

At the moment, its most popular plan in the US is Standard, which provides $15 for streaming on two devices at once.

At an average of $8, the plan with ads would be half its value, which could convince new users.

This advertising would appear four minutes for every hour of playback, notes Bloomberg , and would be shown before and during the series or movies that we watch. Of course, they will be shorter than the ones we see on other platforms so as not to overwhelm the viewers.

country tests

It is noted that the affordable plan would reach a dozen countries in early 2023 and would be supported by Microsoft in its rollout.

According to Ampere Analytics, it is believed that the plan could bring in up to $8.5 billion a year.

What remains to be seen is its official release date and, of course, knowing how much content will come to the plan. Let us remember that it has previously been pointed out that some productions maintain a contract without advertisements so that they can be delivered on the platform.

According to developer Steve Moser, the source code of the iOS application contains information about the upcoming plan, noting that it will not be possible to download series or movies to watch without internet.