How to access Instagram stories and create highlights?

Instagram stories are perhaps the best update that the platform has given so far, along with the ‘highlights’ option.


Instagram is perhaps the most used social network by young people, although that does not mean that it dethrones the queen of social networks, Facebook.

The target company has thought very well about the user experience and has cataloged it by age, with Instagram being an ideal social network for sharing among young people, thanks to its Instagram stories feature , which at the time replaced the short stories of Snapchat.

Stories on Instagram and its function

The stories are small videos and temporary photographs that the user can show on their profile for only 24 hours, because after time they disappear from public view, but this does not mean that the stories disappear completely, since they are saved in a place hidden from the user’s profile.

The stories are saved in a section called an archive, where you can also see posts that have been hidden from public view, a perfect way to save favorite moments. Instagram also implemented the feature of featured stories, a section where we can select the favorite stories and choose in which section to show them on the profile, you can even give them a name.

Highlights or ‘Featured Stories’ on the Instagram profile

Over the past year, Instagram Stories have become a critical resource for businesses to highlight and inspire action, and for people to showcase their favorite moments and memories. Highlighting them is a very simple way to keep them for more than 24 hours. If you wonder how you can create a featured story, you just have to choose your favorite through files or you can also do it from your profile.

To create a featured story from the profile, touch the new circle that you will find on the far left, from here you can choose any story from the archive. You can select a cover and give it a name, when it is finished editing it will appear in the chosen profile.

In order to access the archive of stories, go to the archive icon of the profile and you will find the archive of posts, and with the dropdown arrow at the top you can change the function to archive of stories. This is where you will be able to see your saved stories from the last three years, each story shows a date indicator to help you better.